Zachry – – Career Center

Zachry – – Career Center.


13 thoughts on “Zachry – – Career Center

  1. these are the previous generating power station outaged that i,v worked on since 1989 to present. as a competend scaffold builder at palo verde nuclear generating station, winterburg red hawk generating station including cholla, san jaun and four corner and at wide variety of substation throughout arizona and nevada…


  2. i have gained a wide variety of skills,talents and abilities throught these power outaged. including orientation and training on general safety on personal protective equipments, fall hazard and confine space entry..


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  5. I am a millwright with 4 years experience. I am hard working and self motivated with a great attendance record. I have several years experience in rigging and welding. I have great communication skills verbal and written.


  6. I was working for zacary at pascagoula fab shop now I am trying to get on any job Baytown freeport TX but willing to go anywhere I have 27 yes exp in pipe so hope to hear something soon app is in resume in we will see


  7. I Deborah s.WIGGINS recently finish a turnaround with zachry what a great company to work for lookin forward to working for them again thanks all it take is one call


  8. Pipe Superintendent 30 years looking for something near Freeport tx , resume is in , LNG experience from bectel and Cameron .


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