“Bivens action”

Mlchael Dowd
I had to Faretta hearing cause public defenders Palm Beach County, Florida uttering forged. Probable Cause Affidavits.Hence Federally docketed “Declaration of Railroad and Outlawry” I posess discovery and have forwarded to the F.B.I.,A.C.l.U. And Palm Beach Post ,staff writer. Andrew Marra.notorized copies The district courts Judge who judgment i appealed name is Marra as well.
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Mlchael Dowd
My current condition is homless of Government Corruption at the Palm Beach County,

Florida Public Defenders Office.

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Mlchael Dowd
Google, Michael Dowd v Ric Bradshaw et al I appealed to The 11 Circuit Court of Appeals,Atlanta. Georgia. Federal title 42 usca Section 1983 also Michael Dowd v Victor Blackman et al,also title 42 usca section 1983. I need help pleas goggle and e-mail me at zachryindustrial@yahoo.com
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Clip again


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