Note on pbso

PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Mlchael Dowd
Please Google, Michael Dowd v Ric. Bradshaw et al. Also Michael Dowd v Victor Blackman et al. Federal title 42 usca section 1983. Federally Docketed Declaration of” Railroad” The brief is as follows. Two days after illegal arrest I was payed a visit from the Palm Beach County Public Defenders Office,I was given two probable cause affidavits and arrest charges,three months later. I received a letter from the that I was assigned a different p.d.from the same office, I had the newly assigned p.d. send me the probable cause affidavit and arrest charges ,while putting the p.c.affidavits side by side. The signatures changed yet content. and dates the same after a farreta hearing was sent the Discovery which are the forgerys .This crime is a second degree felony on/to the Palm Beach County Florida Public Defenders Office. .The probable cause affidavits is the hinge of a legal arrest and when the same affidavits signatures changes that corruption. .


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