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A 12-year-old boy notified a library supervisor that an 18-year-old boy was pointing a knife at him.
But what that supervisor did next could have cost the little boy his life.
12-year-old assaulted with a knife outside Pasco library
You would normally consider a library a safe place for kids, right? Unfortunately, one Pasco County mother learned the hard way that’s not always the case.
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Mlchael Dowd
goggle, Michael Dowd v Ric Bradshaw et al. Michael was a victim of His court appointed attorney uttering Forged documents to protect the actors of the state .He filed a Federal Title 42 usca section 1983. Federally declared “Railroad” and the media refuses to inform the people.The Public Defenders Office Uttering Forged Documents is a second degree felony. This fact has destroyed his family.

A note to the Florida bar.

What would you discern if two days after your arrest you received a visit from your court appointed attorney and given you the p.c.affidavits and arrest charges and then while still incarcerated you received a letter from the same office indicating you are aassigned a different p.d. same office. You have your newly appointed attorney send you the Discovery and first set and second set the exact same yet notary signature and arresting signatures changed Palm Beach County Florida Public Defenders Office uttering forged Documents, a second degree felony. Title 42 usca section 1983, I federally Docketed Declaration of “Railroad”
— via The Florida Bar
Dade Judge Honored With Judicial Excellence Award
Miami-Dade County Judge Steve Leifman, who has long led efforts to change the way the legal system handles people with mental illnesses, was honored this week with the newly established Chief Justice Award for Judicial Excellence.